Agents versus Tools    

                     Agent      |      Tool
                 Domain of User | Domain of Tool

                  Goal Oriented | Operation Oriented

                Self Organizing | User Organizes

    Scripts and Parameter Files | Programs and Commands

           Can Raise User Level | Can Raise Macro Level of Tool

              User Programmable | Requires Programmer

   Can Do Now, Later, Scheduled | Now Only
           Can Learn and Repeat | Driven by User
     Give Instructions One Time | Must Repeat Instructions
     Creates Expertise for User | Requires User Expertise
  Intelligence in the Interface | Interfaces Difficult to Use
                        Logical | Physical
                       Symbolic | Absolute
            Keeps User Informed | Error Messages at Tool Level
                     Automation | Computerization
                    Interpreter | Compiler
                 Self Modifying | User Modifies
                           Text | Code
                       Adaptive | Upgradeable
               Tailored to User | User Adapts to Tool
       Multiple language Levels | One Language Level
          Allows Infrequent Use | Must Start From Scratch if Infrequent
       Little Training Required | May require extensive training

                    (c) 1987  Tony Karp - TLC Systems Corp